House Concert: Claire and Livia

Pianist Kesuke, Claire and her friends (behind), Giancarlo, Jeremy, Jason Claire Bryant and Livia Sohn performed tonight at my place (Shostakovich Cello Concerto and Wieniawski "Fantaisie Brillante", on themes from the opera, "Faust," by Gounod). Claire played with a pianist whose name I can't spell (Kesuke?), and Livia played with Stephen Prutsman (who was sitting at the piano all the way back, slipping lower and lower in his little folding chair :). I really liked Livia's waltz in the middle of the Wieniawski. It was very convincing. :)

As usual, it was a great crowd. It's very rewarding for me to throw these events. People ask questions like, "what happens when you put two fingers down on the same string?" -- because they are close enough to see what the musicians are actually doing to produce sound.

Incidentally... if you are lurking out there and are interested in coming to one of these events, get in touch with me and prove that you are not psycho. Obviously, I can't open my place up to any random person out there, but I'm willing to invite a few people I don't know to each event. :) In the past, I've asked one or two people whose online journals I follow, but no one has yet taken me up on the offer.