Enjelani pointed me to, where you can find out what Google has to say about you. My Results are below. Light gray results are results that either don't apply to me, or whose content source I don't know of. :)

eric cheng is a software engineer and amateur underwater photographer with a propensity for thoroughly documenting his travels
eric cheng is a visionary
eric cheng is currently a freshman attending the international baccalaureate program at richard montgomery high school
eric cheng is a neurologist who is interested in quality of care in patients with neurologic disease
eric cheng is graciously offering his living room and restored steinway grand piano for the occasion
eric cheng is in hawaii
eric cheng is badass
eric cheng is a student at stanford with a keen interest in digital photography
eric cheng is a guy i just started reading in the last six months
eric cheng is working happily as an environmental engineer with parsons in fairfax

For a few friends and people I know:

livia sohn is making her mark on the international stage
livia sohn is securely on her way to a major international career
adam nash is very fortunate to be alive
adam nash is a composite of decades of reproductive wonders and genetic possibilities
adam tow is calling on people who want to protest apple computer's
adam tow is playing around with his newton >again
jim watt is one of the most highly published underwater photographers in the world
david fleetham is a photographer with stock photos of whales
geoff nuttall is certainly the catalyst for this
paul groves is an impressive tebaldo
tony lu is correct
vienna teng is an opening slot at lilith fair just waiting to happen
wendy cheng is a highly sensitive and excellent photographer
wendy cheng is this year?s winner of the dorothea lange fellowship
wendy cheng is terrific
dardy is the online journalist who holds nothing
dardy is ready for some lovin'
jay hunter morris is establishing himself as one of the most promising tenors on the operatic and concert scene today
jay hunter morris is a cocky and mostly self
jay hunter morris is as charming and goofy asever
enjelani is gripped by an unshakable fear of pickles
enjelani is on her way to being formally hip; she landed a recording contract
amabelle is a maid to the young wife of an army colonel
amabelle is so damn attractive
amabelle is now a young woman with a secret lover
amabelle is our best brood mare