Halloween in the Castro Vienna and I walked over to the Castro tonight to witness the annual Halloween mayhem that occurs there. It was more crowded than it was two years ago, and we were pushed around the streets at the whim of the the strangest-looking human herd I've ever been a part of. The on-foot equivalent of rubber-necking occurred anytime the crowd caught sight of someone whose private parts looked like they might be persuaded to venture out into the open. Common costumes this year included the sexy cat (we saw a *very* convincing one on the way out there. :), the sexy nurse, the nun with boobs, and many variations of men in women's clothing. San Francisco is one funky town. :)

On the way back to Noe Valley, we walked up Portola for a nice view of the city. We saw one girl who had passed out on the sidewalk. Bad luck. :( Halloween in the Castro encourages all sorts of rowdy and crass behaviour; it isn't exactly the classiest crowd, but it's always a lot of fun! :) I'm glad I went. I had been feeling poopy earlier on, but a long walk, good conversation, and the chance to observe crazy locals cheered me up. :)