Rinconada, Whaler's Cove

Livia and Barry, playing at Rinconada I can't believe I was at a house meeting at Stanford last night.

I went to Rinconada to see Geoff, Livia, and Barry do a dorm outreach program, and afterwards, the entire house poured in, and someone (presumably an RA) yelled, "HOUSE MEETING!!" It had been five and a half years since I had heard those words.

Anyway, afterwards, Geoff, Livia and I met up at Chika for some late night sushi. Yummy. :) Vienna met up with us, but had already eaten a bit (two pieces of sushi at the Voodoo Lounge, before someone took the rest of it away while she was performing). We made her eat the head part of amaebi. Everyone should eat head. um... yeah, or something like that. :)

I went diving today at Whaler's Cove, in Monterey. Dry suits rule. The first dive lasted a full hour, and only my hands were cold. It turns out that my gloves suck ass, because they essentially have holes in them. I supposed I should get new ones. During our second dive, a cute little white seal (she had black spots on her, and was about 5' long) started following us. She was fascinated by John's yellow fins, and kept tugging on them with her teeth. John led us both around -- the seal between me and him. For a long, long time, I floated, horizontally, face-to-face with this cute little seal, her nose roughly two inches from my mask. I extended out my hand, and she nudged it with her head a few times -- like a cat does, when she likes you. It totally made my day. :) No camera. I'm still getting used to diving dry, and my gloves suck.