Vienna Teng @ My House

The obligatory group shot Vienna Teng came over tonight to sing for us; we celebrated the recent release of her album, "Waking Hour." She played many songs that are not on the CD, and was unusually chatty at the mic, explaining in detail the inspiration behind each song she played. As usual, everyone laughed when she explained that I was not "the" Eric. Her delivery is different each time, but it's always effective. :)

It was nice to hear her sing in a quiet, intimate setting, away from hiss of milk steamers and the tinkling of silverware. We had a good turn-out, and the crowd was very "live" and responsive. It was clear that everyone had a great time, which made me happy.

My living room was empty by 10:30pm, presumably because people have to work on Monday mornings. After cleaning up for a bit, I drove to the Bagdad Cafe to meet up with Sophie, Wendy, Sooyoun and Lisa for dinner. I'm too tired to write anymore. Raymond wrote a nice entry about the evening. Here are some photos: