Anton Kuerti, SLSQ

Backstage (with SLSQ, Anton Kuerti, and Wu Han) I am exhausted. I took Vienna and Adam to Stanford to hear the St. Lawrence String Quartet play with their friend, Anton Kuerti. He played two Beethoven sonatas in the first half before joining the SLSQ to play Brahms Piano Quintet. Fantastic stuff. :) Although -- Vienna, Ben Chen and I all felt that we were unable to identify what it was that made Anton brilliant. It wasn't that we couldn't feel the brilliance. It was that the Beethoven flew over our heads, leaving us with only a vague impression of its power. Clearly, some people got it. They gave him a standing ovation -- at intermission.

Before the show, Lesley introduced me to Wu Han, who was sitting out in front of Dinkelspiel. She's very easy to talk to, and joked around a lot. She said that she knows (or knows of) my mom. It really is a small world out there. Adam posted photos already.