Schumann Piano Quartet

Sabrina, Cindy, Jason and Sheila.  They kicked ass. Hosted another get-together today. Sabrina and Cindy, whom I had played quartets with two years ago (when they were wee frosh at Stanford!), brought their chamber group over to perform Schumann's Piano Quartet. Jason (the cellist) played Beethoven's C Major Cello Sonata with Sheila (the pianist) as an introduction to the evening. Their group kicked ass! They are definitely one of the best Stanford groups I've ever heard.

I knew almost no one in attendance, but I had a good time hosting, anyway. :) Cindy brought her med school research folk, and I guess the rest of the audience were Stanford student friends of the other three members of the quartet. People cleared out almost immediately after the show, so Livia, Warren and I met up with Claire for some food in the Sunset.