Dardy, Jeremy

Rachel, Jeremy, and Nikki Here are some photos from Dardy's birthday party and from Jeremy and Ruth's housewarming party. At Jeremy's party, I saw Matt Springer for the first time in years. Matt was an old fixture in the Stanford Symphony; we went on tour to China together in 1995, after he had already been playing in it for ten years (!). I also met Graham's sister, whom I had heard about a lot. It's neat to have circles collide. :)

This evening I had the pleasure of going with Sophie to see Alban Gerhardt (his website has a cool video) perform Tchaikovsky's Rococo Variations with the Marin Symphony. He was quite good. :) The orchestra also performed From the White Edge of Phrygia, by Stephen Montague, and Dvorak's 8th Symphony. The Montague piece was strange. The title refers to the use of "white sound" and the Phrygian scale, so you can imagine its funkiness. It starts with the violins and the violas holding their instruments in their laps, pretending to play the cello. I fell asleep for a bit.

Dardy's Party: [click here for adam's photos]