The Coronados

Sea lions, at the surface I spent the day yesterday on a boat in Mexican waters with James Wiseman. We went out with Lois Ann Dive Charters to the Coronado Islands, where we played with juvenile sea lions in fifty feet of visibility. It's $85 to motor out there for three dives, breakfast, and lunch -- a fantastic deal! I dove for the first time with Sitech dry gloves, and they ROCK. I was very warm and had full dexterity in my fingers. :) I'm never going back to cold-water wetsuit diving.

At one of the sites (Lobster Shack?), James and I played with and photographed a group of seven juvenile female sea lions until we noticed that everyone else was on the boat, watching us. It's easy to lose track of time when you're having so much fun. :) Unfortunately, many of my photos came out blurry; those sea lions move really fast, and using the crappiest auto-focus system in Canon's line of SLRs has its disadvantages. Oh well. I still managed to get a few that I really like. :) James has also posted a trip report. Photos ->