Vienna Teng / RBJ

Vienna starts playing the Jeopardy theme song while waiting for me To the folks who came over tonight: please leave me a comment here and post a link to any entries you may have written about the gathering!

Vienna Teng was gracious enough to come over this evening to sing for a Rice Bowl Journals gathering at my house. RBJ members (and guests) from all over the SF Bay Area (and from Houston and L.A.!) convened to finally meet each other in person after having been part of a close-knit community for more than a year. Vienna sang beautifully, and the other Eric set up his fancy audio equipment to capture it all. I'm sorry I wasn't effective at setting up an interesting webcam for those of you who tried to follow it from elsewhere. I was, like... busy and stuff. ;) [buy her cd from amazon!]

In the morning, Ben, Heidi, Joel and I read string quartets for a couple of hours, which was a nice treat because I hadn't played chamber music in a long time. I'm getting rusty. :(

OK. I really must sleep now. Let this entry be a collaborative effort. Leave comments about your experience this evening. :)

Here are two 1024x683 versions of the group photo we took:

[photo 1 - 257.6Kb] [photo 2 - 253.4Kb]

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