Lang Lang

Instead of heading to bed after returning home yesterday, I met up with Vienna, Oliver, Mel, Emile, and Zhenya in the first row of the lower orchestra section of Davies Symphony Hall to hear Lang Lang perform Rachmaninoff's Piano Concerto No. 2. I actually planned my trip around coming back into town to see him perform. He was absolutely stunning! At times, he literally vibrated with an energy that I felt might make him burst; it was thoroughly infectious, and none of us cared that we were sitting under the piano, unable to really hear a "proper" balanced sound from any of the instruments (it helped that all of us know the piece fairly well). I had the same reaction I had when seeing him play last year: he is the best pianist I have ever seen perform. I write that because I enjoy his performances more than I do other ones. The two performances of his I've seen stand out in every way I can imagine.

Oh! Ozzie's CD "Yiddishbbuk" with the St. Lawrence String Quartet and Todd Palmer was nominated for two Grammies! It's very exciting. :)