New Zealand

Jan 8 -> Jan 15, 2003. "22:26 - Wellington - We arrived in Picton before 11am, returned the car a "day" early, and boarded the 11:30am Lynx back to Wellington (the Cook Strait was extremely choppy, with 3m swells. most of the ride included shrieks of both delight and light terror from the passengers), giving us the entire afternoon to explore the city. Luckily, as we were driving by we happened to see that the Te Papa Museum by the harbor was having a Lord of the Rings Exhibit; it turned out to be one of the highlights of the trip! The exhibit featured comprehensive video specials (many of which are also in the special edition DVD), props, costumes, miniatures, concept/test artwork, and weaponry/armor, organized by character and peoples..." [go to journal]