what i've been doing

I've had a packed couple of weeks! The St. Lawrence String Quartet and Pilobolus performed in Memorial Auditorium at Stanford University on January 22nd in a wonderful collaboration and asked me to be the videographer and photographer for the event. Pilobolus were absolutely amazing -- perfect control of their bodies! Really neat stuff.

On the 23rd, Livia Sohn came over to perform Glazunov's Violin Concerto for a few friends. As usual, she kicked ass. Let's see... what else happened in the last two weeks? Pat Suh stopped over for a couple of days on her way back to New York (from Seattle), and because of a last-minute cancellation we were able to have lunch at French Laundry, up in Napa. I've wanted to eat there for a long time. We walked into the restaurant at 11:30am and didn't end up leaving until 3:30pm (ten courses later!). It was quite a meal. :) [click for some photos]