gallery exhibition opening

February 2, 2003 marked a milestone in the most serious (now) of my hobbies. 38 of my photographs are on view at the Taiwan Center in San Diego in an exhibition of underwater photographs (with a few top-side photos thrown in). Without of the help of Crystal, Pictopia and my parents, I don't think I would have been able to prepare in time. The opening turned out to be a lot of fun. Many high school friends showed up, and I even had friends drive down from Los Angeles! It's the first time since sixth grade that I've tried to sell art (in sixth grade I was offered $10 for a Vermeer reproduction I did using pastels ;). All of the gallery prints will be for sale somewhere on my web site when I get around to finishing the gallery section. I estimate that I will have online print sales ready sometime in the late spring.

Anyway, thanks to all of you who came! The show is up through the end of February, and it is open to the public (and free!). [see photos]