Vienna Teng and Maya Marin

The Canvas has temporarily (?) lost its live music permit, so I got a last-minute call from Vienna Teng asking me if she and Maya Marin would be able to have a house concert at my place on the coming Saturday. Both she and Maya kept thanking me... but it was really my pleasure to host such talented artists! How often does one get to be so close to talent -- in the comfort of one's own living room? :)

On five days notice we packed 60 people into my place (50 rsvps + those who were apparently not evite-savvy ;) for beautiful music. I only knew about half of the people who came, and unfortunately it was difficult to meet many of the "strangers" because I was so busy running around fulfilling hosting duties. One guest named John brought me a gift (a CD of Bill Frisell) to thank me for opening my house to strangers. It was such a nice gesture I almost didn't know what to say. So.. thanks, John! :)

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I really must get to bed. I'm leaving for the airport in just 4.5 hours. [see photos]