Friends and stuff

I've been getting some much-needed friend time in, which has been very therapeutic. I hung out with Adam Tow this afternoon (we geeked out on the computer and ate lunch at Pho Hoa). Yesterday I saw Karine and Peter Kim for dim sum at Yank Sing (there was a wait. "Oh, hello, Peter." we were seated immediately. very cool. :) and then had dinner with Mandy Knox and Elliot Sather at Burrito Real.

My mind is mush: mushy mush from having 20 little things to think about instead of just a few important ones. Heidi Hau generously gave me two tickets to see Andras Schiff play Goldberg Variations tonight, but the concert was cancelled due to sickness at the last minute. Instead, Livia Sohn and I went out to consume food and dessert in the Castro. Good food makes me happy. :)

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