Octopus eating a shark

Check out PBS' "The Octopus Show." They have footage of a giant octopus catching and eating a small shark! Neat-o.

Even though I didn't get to sleep until 2:30am last night, I woke up, wide-awake, at 7:30 this morning. Something strange is happening! That *never* happens. :) I also forgot my wallet when I left the house, and I left my keys and sunglasses on the table at Livia's place, which is highly uncharacteristic. I think I need to get some sleep.

Livia and I seem to be back to our routine of eating virtually every meal together. She came over again today to run some web errands; afterwards we went to Good Guys to get her a recording device for her rehearsals. John O'Conor was also at my place today giving Heidi Hau a lesson, using my piano. It was nice to have good live music to listen to, even if it was in the context of a piano lesson. I'm hoping that Heidi and I will be able to arrange a late-March date for a house concert here.

Uh oh. I'm going to get some attention here for this post. There's a nugget of information buried within that only other geeks out there will find. Please don't draw *too* much attention to it. :)

One more thing: my screaming turtle was farked today by a nice woman named Rebecca. It has an effect similar to being slashdotted, I hear. Hopefully my host won't yank the plug...