Bowling for Columbine

I went out this late evening to see Bowling for Columbine with Jeremy Henrickson. I thought the film was definitely worth seeing: an interesting commentary on American culture, a bit contrived, but extremely well made to induce a specific reaction. Ironic that it used spectacle while commenting on spectacle itself. I wonder what a gun-toting dude in Michigan's reaction to the film would be? I'm so far from that person in so many ways that I can't even imagine... Frankly, my gut reaction after seeing the film was to move to Canada. :) While I was in Sydney a couple of months ago, I saw an ad for Bowling for Columbine that *probably* wouldn't have been popular, had it been posted in the States.

It was nice to hang out with Jeremy. It's rare these days that I'm out until so late. Two nice policemen came in to Denny's (hadn't eaten there in a long, long time!) to investigate a group of six kids who had left without paying. The waitress told us that they walked out, one at a time. When we were seated there were only two or three left in the booth.

Hmmm. I tell stories, and they go nowhere! I should have something witty or extremely analytical to write at the end of every story. Oh well -- maybe next time. :)

Also tonight: I sent Andy Manson and his lovely wife Carrie to see Livia perform at a black tie event in Fairbanks Ranch. I wish I could have gone! I hear that she kicked butt both tonight, and in La Jolla the night before! Even though Livia has performed many times at my place, I have not actually ever seen her play with a live orchestra.