Kona - Day 2

I learned two things today:

1) Applying SPF45 sunscreen once doesn't do much if you are in the sun for nine hours.

2) A hat does nothing when ultraviolet light can reflect off of the surface of the ocean.

It was a little strange today: we came across a 7' hammerhead shark on the surface while motoring around. We didn't have anything to entice it to stick around, but we did follow it for about ten minutes to shoot photos from the surface. He just sort of sauntered about, ignoring us, for the most part. We also took shots of whales and spinner dolphins with our three identical, huge lenses.

In the evening a bunch of Jim Watt's friends came over for pizza, beer, and red wine. It is now far too late to be up for the types of days that we will be putting over the next week! I'm going to bed. [see some photos]