Kona - Day 3 - Epic Whale Breach

We just watched the old movie, "Inherit the Wind," which was wonderful despite my unfortunate aversion towards old American movies. I guess I'll have to give the rest of the lot a fighting chance now that I have seen two that I like (the other was "Roman Holiday"). Perhaps I will even grow to like the genre! Although, the very old-American music in "Inherit the Wind" was terrifying (it may cause nightmares tonight), and there is currently only so much of the old-movie shouting/no-breaths-between-sentences/hyper-dramatic acting I can take. Douglas insists that much of the closed-minded mentality exhibited in the movie is still pervasive among Americans, but I'm going to pretend that isn't the case. :)

During the middle of the movie, a large spider crawled across Jim's rear projection television. This was mildly amusing until we realized that the spider was crawling on the inside of the TV, after which we became afraid. "It's normal. We're in Hawaii!" Jim says.

the best breaching shot ever. err... of mine, i mean. :)

Earlier today we were floating along in the boat watching some distant whales on the surface when suddenly, a humpback whale breached very close to the boat. I nearly broke my back trying to get my five-pound 1Ds + 100-400L IS lens combination up to my face! (Jim and I both missed the shot. Douglas managed to snap off a couple.) It was ok, though. The whale breached a second time, and I shot probably the best breaching shot I will ever shoot. Watt threatened to kill me when we returned to his house and verified that it was, in fact, an epic shot. :) [see some photos]

To give you an idea of how large this 1Ds' image size is, I'll show a 100% crop (true pixel size) of the original file from the camera. It's been sharpened slightly. Also visible are horrendous jpg artifacts (not visible in the original file) which are present because I have to keep file sizes small for web publication.

a 100% (true pixel size) crop of the humpback's head

Oh yes. I am becoming old and senile. Douglas found my sunglasses, which I had "lost" at the gas station. They were on my face. [see some photos]