Kona - Day 4

Douglas and I are sitting here in Watt's office, glued to our computers. We have just returned from a Thai restaurant, where we had a nice dinner with Masa Ushioda. You should go check out his photography (click on his name in the previous sentence). It's absolutely incredible, and I have been admiring it for a long time now.

We went out in search of oceanic white tip sharks during the day, and after failing to find pilot whales while cruising around (they are often found together), we drifted aimlessly for hours with a small crate of bait and Douglas' "Mako Magnet" device hanging over the side of the boat. Nothing showed up, except for a few rough-toothed dolphins, which we were unable to convince to come near. Douglas is becoming more and more similar to a cooked lobster as the days go by, but by the end of our time here he should have a nice tan to show for his sun-cooked weariness. Jim eventually became rather bored (and we, wind-whipped and sun-scorched) and we called it a day at around 4pm. This was unfortunate; Masa reported to us later on that all of the whales in the area began to breach just about the time we pulled the boat out of the water. The almost full moon lit the breaching whales as the sky became dark.

Jim gave us a nice tour of Kealakekua Bay (from the water), complete with a short history lesson about Captain Cook and where he died. The bay is beautiful, probably because it's difficult for humans to access. Jim says that a resort is paving a road directly to the bay, which may spell ruin for its nice reefs.

I have a few photos to show, but I'll put them up tomorrow when I have more energy (no worthwhile marine photos today!).