Jens visits; The "other" Eric's housewarming

James Wiseman (an underwater photo buddy) and his girlfriend Sarah are in town for the weekend, and I took them up to Sutro tower for a view of the city after having brunch at Miss Millies. Plainly visible were numerous helicopters flying over the intersection of Market St. and 6th St., where anti-war protesters had blocked the road. Police were out in riot gear, making arrests.

Jens is in town (from Germany) for a dermatology conference, and is staying with me for a few days. At around 5:30 we went to the other Eric's housewarming party, where we met lots of interesting, nice people and ate sausages and bread. Eric's roommate Paula spoke to Jens in German for awhile while I stood by trying to figure out what they were saying.

Strangely enough, I think I'm developing a taste for dark beers. And, of course, I took some pictures --> [see some photos]

Also, Munira is back, after a year of being in Tajikistan and various other places. She and her sister successfully summitted Kilimanjaro last month! :)