Nothing in particular

What can I say? I'm still sick. I did leave the house today, which was novel. My sister and I discovered a cute little cafe down the street called Cafe Chloe (i think...). Two little kids were staring at us from right outside the window. It's always fun to be stared at while you're trying to eat. If they were cuter, it might have been ... well, cute. However, being as things were, I was tempted to make sudden jabbing motions with my fork. Who's got that powerful paternal instinct welling up inside him? That's right: Me.

Jens left yesterday. I feel a bit of guilt because this stupid cold took a lot from my abilities to entertain and spend quality time with him. :(

Um. I guess I'll bid farewell to this entry by posting some photos. :) --> [see some photos]

Also, if you are in MA, CT, NY, PA, RI, D.C., NC, or TN, check out Vienna Teng's tour schedule. She performed at the Kendall Cafe in Cambridge tonight, and is on the move. Also watch out for Adam Tow, who will be dutifully capturing part of the tour on video and still images starting next week. [buy vienna's cd]