Infrared foothills

On our micro-trek into the foothills, I lugged along my modified Nikon Coolpix 990 camera. A really, really nice biker-looking guy named Gary Traveis did a bit of surgery on my camera, removing the hot-mirror (infrared-blocking) filter that sits on the CCD, and replacing it with a piece of glass with similar optical qualities. My Coolpix is now extremely sensitive to near-infrared light, and with a #87 filter, is capable of recording fast-shutter near-infrared images. I haven't really gone out exploring in infrared in more than three years, but it's time that I start doing it again. :)

If you've never seen near-IR images, check this image out. I'm wearing a black hat, and dark sunglasses. Near-IR turns my hat white, and it can see straight through my sunglasses!
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