Justin, Stanford Foothills

Justin is in town for a brief visit. Wendy, Justin and I went to the Cat Show today (in San Mateo, a few short blocks away from the E.piphany engineering building), where we saw many stunningly beautiful cats along with their owners, many of whom were wearing clothing with big cat drawings on them. Afterwards, we took Justin to visit Stanford University for the first time in his life. Being a New Jersey->Harvard->Manhattan boy, Wendy asked him, "could you imagine yourself here?" His reply (along with a burst of laughter), "ye-ye-yeah-ah! ...a seven year Ph.D program in English?" I am reminded each time I walk the campus that it is like paradise, still (and, as paradise must be, it is necessarily sheltered from the outside world: both good and bad).

Also fun was a quick stroll through the Stanford foothills (the stroll was cut short by my sister's and my incessant coughing). It's unfortunate that the foothills are now fenced, paved, and patrolled by what looks like moon buggies, but it's still beautiful -- especially while lush green, at this time of year. Come late September when the incoming frosh are driven down the 280 towards campus from the airport, they will stare in shocked horror at the yellow-brown wasteland that are the fall foothills. "This is California?!" they will exclaim, "where are the palm trees... and the beaches!?!" [see some photos]

In the evening we watched "Waiting for Guffman," a truly funny movie. I love Parker Posey.

I hate this cough.