Two Two Systems

Allon (along with his trusty canine Reno) is the proud "owner" of a new Delaware corporation called "Two Two Systems." Its goal (I'm guessing) is to make La La Land accessible to everyone... or something like that. :) He's a funny guy. None of this is going to make any sense unless you know him.

Went out with Allon, Peter, Karine, Emile, and Zhenya to have tapas at Thirsty Bear tonight. My sickness is still plaguing me ("You have SARS!" Ha ha. I haven't heard that one yet. ;), but aside from the cough itself I feel completely normal. But I think I have become addicted to Nyquil.

Anyway, it was fun to hang out with the old EPNY crew + consorts. :) Photos --> [see some photos]