Mixers rule

I have discovered the magic of mixers, thanks to the other Eric.

I have two computers, and iPod, two CD players, and a miniDV/SVHS deck, all in my study (collected from various areas in the house). In the past, each computer got its own set of crappy PC speakers, and my "serious" audio widgets were blessed with quality amplification and speakers. But now, I can run them ALL into the same set of audio monitors. And after that, these little tinny PC speakers can go away. Er... at least, I will be able to once they arrive in the mail (along with wall brackets and the proper cables). I can't believe it never occurred to me that this "typical" scenario is a perfect application for an inexpensive mixer. And so, the Art of Fugue is playing from my CD changer, while Outlook bleats at me to indicate that I'm getting new e-mail. :) I LOVE uncompressed audio! MP3s are great for convenience, but they really do sound like shit.

Eric -- I was *highly* tempted to get a more expensive mixer, just for the jumping level-indicator LEDs. :)