Amanda Knox Designs

After going to bed at 5am the previous "night," I crawled out of bed at 10am and drove down to Stanford to see Mandy Knox and Elliot Sather. Mandy and I roamed around Town and Country (that Japanese store in there is so cool!) while we waited for a table at Hobie's for brunch. Anyway, the real point of the Peninsula expedition was to photograph some of Mandy's jewelry and clothing design. I set up two umbrellas and some strobes in the design loft photo area, and Elliot and I went to work. Unfortunately, the loft's large softbox and umbrellas were BROKEN. BOO! (and so, I had to use my own)

Mandy's work is really beautiful. I am a little pissed because I discovered inordinate amounts of dust on my camera's CMOS sensor, which I never noticed before because I hadn't shot anything at f32 with the 1Ds yet. :) Anyway, with no sensor swabs or speckgrabbers in my photo case, I just kept shooting. The photos still turned out well. :) A select few photos can be found here (along with some other random photos) --> [see some photos]

Did I mention that I packed and shipped 13 boxes today? I had a slurry of ebay auctions end yesterday; 13 people paid immediately, so I had to ship out a bunch o' crap.

I've also "cleaned" journal entries back through June 2002. That leaves six more months to entries to go through. :) After that, I will probably delete all of the /output entries, since they will be mirrored here!