Mandy, Elliot, Sumit, Oliver, Ben

Seeing Mandy and Elliot twice in one week is unheard of these days (!), but it happened this week. Our schedules recently are rather unfortunate; I used to see Mandy just about every day, and would tuck her in and turn out the lights before heading home (when I lived in Mountain View). Anyway, we hung out for awhile in the Stanford Art Gallery, where the design students will be having a three-week show. Photos --> [see some photos]

Earlier in the day: I met with Sumit for coffee late this afternoon before heading down to Palo Alto to meet with Oliver to catch up and chat about game development. Afterwards, Ben and I joined a bunch of students to play for the first round of the ongoing Stanford Symphony conductor search. I really hope Stanford finds a good conductor. "Good" at Stanford means someone who makes orchestra rehearsals something to look forward to and who takes into account busy student lives that are not centered around music. It wasn't like that when I was there, and as a result I only played for two tours, and during one quarter when Gabe played a concerto. The rest of my musical time was spent chamber musicking. :)