Poor documentation

Not long ago, I was elated to have discovered the use of mixers for normal home audio.

I'm still excited, but I wasted a significant amount of time trying to get everything set up properly. First of all, the mixer I purchased for $69 was advertised as having "TRS 1/4" Stereo Outputs." Fine! So I bought two 15' TRS 1/4" stereo cables (and also borrowed two of them from the-other-Eric while I waited for them to be delivered). Well, it turns out that the outputs are not balanced. Have you ever used balanced cables in unbalanced jacks? The results sound horrible. So I have now acquired unbalanced 1/4" cables, and everything sounds just great. :)

Another problem unearthed itself when I tried to mount the Genelec 1029a studio monitors on the wall. The wall-mounting hardware on Genelec's web site is some unknown part here in the States, and if you call someone up to order a wall mount for this particular set of speakers, they will sell you an Omnimount wall mount. The Omnimount mount that fits this speaker, it turns out, comes with 1/4" screws. These do not fit in the back of the Genelec 1029a speaker, and nowhere in the manual does it tell you what size the threading is. So I walked to the hardware store and bought some 3/16" screws because they are just a little bit smaller than 1/4" screws. A nice man at the store bagged up the screws (which he had picked out). When I arrived home, I found that not all of the screws in the bag were the same size (!), and that a 3/16" screw is too small for the threading in the back of the speaker. Here's where fortune shone my way just briefly: one of the larger screws in the bag fit! I took it to Cole Hardware in the Mission, and matched it to a 12-24 screw. I have no idea what size that is, or why it it called a "12-24" screw, but it fits. They didn't have any that were short enough, so I bought some spacers to pad the head area of the screw. My speakers are FINALLY on the wall, and Chopin's first piano concerto is tinkling sweetly. :)

Thanks to the-other-Eric for all his patience while I used him to educate myself about connectors, balanced outputs, and active studio monitors. This is all new territory for me. :)