I have reverted to my old vampire-like schedule. This sucks.

But I had a wonderful day hanging out today with Cindy and her husband Chris down in Cupertino! We went down to San Jose to see the 1:00pm showing of Coral Reef Adventure, the new Howard & Michelle Hall IMAX film. I had previously seen a behind the scenes presentation at DEMA, so it was really great to finally see the actual film. I miss being underwater. :(

Afterwards, we hung out at Cindy and Chris' home, staring at the reef tank (and being tech. geeks) while Cindy made a great dinner, complete with chocolate soufflé dessert! It was very impressive. :) I thought about posting a photo of Cindy, cooking in her tech company-logoed apron, but I've decided against it. :)

Late it was, when I made the long drive home. I'm extremely sleepy now. Good night!

Oh. I apologize if I am not answering e-mail. My inbox is stuck eternally at around 150 messages, and I generally find the amount of e-mail I get to be overwhelming.