Safari Trip with Andy Biggs

Main Entry: loz·enge
Pronunciation: 'lä-z&nj also -s&nj
Function: noun
Etymology: Middle English losenge, from Middle French losange
Date: 14th century
1 : a figure with four equal sides and two acute and two obtuse angles : DIAMOND
2 : something shaped like a lozenge <-- duh!
3 : a small often medicated candy

4 : something fitting definition #2 that, when swallowed, sits in your esophagus, dissolving slowly

And now, onwards to the real topic of this post. My buddy Andy Biggs has spots left for an African photo safari/workshop running from June 30 to July 12 of this year.

About The Workshop: "The workshop will be a 13 day trip — from June 30th to July 12, 2003. The workshop will be conducted in the east African country of Tanzania, home to the Serengeti National Park, the Ngorongoro Crater and Mount Kilimanjaro. It will combine an exciting photography workshop in one of the world's most outstanding wildlife, landscape and cultural locations together with a luxury vacation — in fascinating Tanzania. This workshop is open to just 9 participants.

"This workshop will be very informal and fun. Andy Biggs will be shooting alongside you at all times. We will have discussion and assistance on specialized topics such as, for example, long lens technique, projection flash usage, action shooting, wildlife observation, field craft and east African animal behavior. Advanced techniques will be constantly discussed, demonstrated and put into practice."

And, a note from Andy: "The safari will be for anybody who wants to know more about photography in general, how to use the equipment that they have, ... to learn more about the wildlife and people of Tanzania. Basically, anybody who wants to go. I can be used as an encyclopedia on the trip, too."

Cost is $5595. If you are interested, contact Andy and tell him that you found out about his trip through