Wind blown

Walking 6 blocks with a 30"x40" sheet of foamcore would probably be an easy thing to do... WITHOUT WIND. Man. It was painful. I was also carrying a shopping bag with a burrito in it, which didn't make it any easier. (I have to go down to the Mission every 2-3 days to make sure Vienna's plants don't die while she's off on tour, so I take advantage of the opportunity to buy big burritos).

I will be extremely busy with a new project and other stuff in the coming weeks. I will be doing some coding again! Should be fun.

Oh! If you're a computer dork like me you can subscribe to 22 weeks of PC Magazine for free. Hmmm. Actually, I don't find the content in PC Mag to be particularly interesting. I just signed up because I can't resist free stuff. One year I started randomly received all of the PC gaming magazines for free -- for no reason. And I don't even play games very often (or ever, really). :)

The music setup in my study is complete. I am now listening to music again. :)