Recent social activities and stuff

Vienna Teng is back from her extended tour of the East Coast! She and Jim Batcho dropped by to pick up the 6 keys she needs to get into her apartment (I was house sitting), and we played around on the piano and cello for a bit before heading out for lamb shwarmas. I was staaaarving by that point, so the food (and company!) were both very welcome. Photos -> [see some photos]

Last night I had dinner with Pamina at Chika Sushi (narrowly missing Vienna, Jim and the other Eric, who also happened dine there. coincidentally, this is the place where Vienna was first identified on the streets by a stranger. :).

After dinner I wandered over to Munira, Semira, and Arif's place for a little party they were having, where I proceeded to become inebriated after only having one strong drink (in a room full of Indian people I didn't know. :).

A few friends seem to be trickling back to the area after roaming around for a few years. Pamina is returning from Yale for her residency, and Gabe is coming back from his extended Fulbright Scholarship in Berlin and Paris to join the PhD program at Berkeley! I'm excited to see Gabe. The last time I spent time with him was in Berlin, on my "way back" from Egypt. :)

-- Unrelated: I am extremely annoyed. Someone has been stealing my mail! The post office wrote a letter to me about a criminal investigation having to do with mail theft. Apparently, they have a suspect who had in his or her possession some of my mail (photocopies were enclosed). A tax form I was missing was one of those pieces, along with a $40 rebate and some other financial documents. Bastard. I want to know who it is, and I want my $40 back. Thankfully, my new locking mailbox now prevents this sort of thing from happening (spent an hour yesterday installing one for me and one for my neighbor).