I am becoming nocturnal! Luckily, days are long, so at least I get some sunlight. I am now doing some work and waiting for food to be delivered. I ordered enough to keep me happy for a few days. :)

A few days ago I picked up my first hitchhiker up in the Berkeley hills. I was driving with my sister after dropping Lilli off, and a woman was on the side of the road -- WAY up in the hills -- with a sign that said, "BART." She was bundled up for warmth and was carrying a few shopping bags. I don't know why I did it, but I'm glad I did. She said that someone had stopped for her, but had driven away when she approached. If she had missed the last train, I wonder where she would have slept!

*update* I just ate a bad pear. yuck. I had a dream this morning that the house next door had been transformed into a towering structure looking directly into my bathroom (giving me a view into their bedroom, which conveniently had mirrors placed such that the bed was visible. heh... :) the house three lots away can see into my bathroom. they were doing construction, and one day I looked out of my window only to see someone's bedroom window). My tub fixtures had also somehow sprung a leak, but the plumber had shown up to fix it before I was even awake. The rest of the dream involved poorly installed screens (i didn't know who installed them -- maybe the plumber?) flapping around in the wind (they were installed to prevent people from seeing into my house, of course). The screens were installed around the perimeter of my non-existent backyard, at ground level along a wooden fence. Who knows why. Dreams are strange. This entry is stupid.

*update 2* I saw BulletProof Monk last night. It was horrible. The highlight was hitting a guy in the back of the head with a lemon drop because he was snoring loudly enough to disrupt the entire theater. Actually, it wasn't a lemon drop. It was a small Korean vitamin candy thing. I think that's the first time I've thrown something at someone in a movie theater since high school. :) People laughed more at his snoring than they did at the movie.