Acratech Ultimate Ball Head

On the recommendation of Andy Biggs (who is now featured on Luminous Landscapes!), I bought an Acratech Ultimate Ball Head and some mounting plates from Really Right Stuff. Adam Tow has been using the Acratech for a long time. I should have bought one when he did. It is SO NOVEL to have a light ball head that doesn't slip at all. My old Gitzo was pretty good, but this is better. I love this thing.

Speaking of old ball heads, does anyone out there want to buy a Gitzo G1276M Mk2 magnesium ball head with quick release? B&H lists it at $178. I'll sell it for $125. :) Go to B&H Photo and search for "G1276M" to find out specs.

The only "problem" with the Acratech is that the mounting plates are so expensive. But it has been worth it. I am no longer obsessively shopping for better tripods and ball heads.