New rug

I have a new rug, and it smells of Chinese/Taiwanese old people. It smells like the luggage of old people when they have just stepped off of the airplane from Taiwan. Please help me! I need something to make it go away.

Vienna Teng and Jim Batcho dropped by to help me shove the rug under the piano. It took us awhile because the piano weighs over 800 pounds, but we managed to get it right eventually. :) Unfortunately, moving it just a little bit threw the lower strings out of whack, so it will have to be tuned again. Removing the caster cups (the hard wood cups that protect the floor from a piano's casters) really has brought out the bass of the piano, and it's less muddy somehow with the rug in place. I am pleased. :) We had planned on being nerds and watching some PBS specials I recorded earlier ("Becoming American" and a Frontline special on Tony Blair), but instead we watched Margaret Cho in I'm The One That I Want.

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