Stanford Chamber Strings

We (the Stanford Chamber Strings) performed tonight in a gated community for elderly folk down in San Jose. The program included Vivaldi's 4 Seasons (Spring), Bach Double Violin Concerto, Pachebel's Canon, Elgar Serenade, and Mozart Divertimento (which we also played a couple of years ago). Even though it was a pretty cheesy program (you know -- the sort of music that even non-classical music lovers can appreciate) I had a great time. :) The St. Lawrence String Quartet had performed at this same venue not long ago, and Geoff said that the audience probably enjoyed this performance more than their earlier performance -- despite the difference in "quality" of music -- because this show's repertoire was more accessible, and because a bunch of young folk were playing. It's sad, but that's the way classical music works sometimes.:) Unfortunately, I didn't have time to record our performance because we got lost on the way there. The soloists (Caroline Campbell, Jim Chou, Barry Shiffman, and Geoff Nuttall) all kicked serious ass.

After the show we rushed out in order to get to Korea House before closing time. Luckily, we made it and had a huge, satisfying feast. :) Photos -> [see some photos]