Costco, EPNY Folk

Costco in SOMA is insane on Saturdays. I dropped by there this early afternoon to pick up a few things in bulk and ended up fighting through hundreds of Asian families trying to get to the cashier! Why must families of seven go to Costco together? There simply isn't enough room in that place when it gets crowded. And it also appears that many families know each other, so they sit in the aisles chattering away. All I want to do is run around, pick up my things, and check out. And the icing on the cake: the smell of urine in the parking garage. Ugh. I'm never going there on a weekend again. (Update: I remember how I felt while standing in line! You know those elderly Chinese women who push at you -- waist level -- on the bus in Chinatown? Imagine a few hundred people like that, each only functioning at 20% "pushing" efficiency. That's what it was like. :)

I was in a mildly foul mood on the way home. I actually swerved *toward* a pigeon on the road as it sat there pecking at some trash. Stupid pigeon. (Update: The dead pigeon in the photographs is not one that I killed. I just saw it on the street. :)

Yesterday was a bit more relaxing, and I hung out with some people I hadn't seen in a long time. In the evening a bunch of us met in the Mission to celebrate Emile's sabbatical from E.piphany. I hadn't seen Scott or Caroline in probably over a year! We walked around and ate at a place called Bruno's. As is typical behavior for domestic folk, the three couples took off immediately after dinner, leaving me and Jeremy to wander the streets of San Francisco alone. Peter would be proud of me. We walked up through the heart of the Castro, all the way up to the top of Pemberton Street, one of the neatest streets I've seen in San Francisco. It's beautiful up there. Photos -> [see some photos]

I've been stressed lately. Too much stuff going on.