Journal registration

IMPORTANT FOR FUTURE READERS - Starting soon, I'll be locking some future entries for private viewing only. To view these entries, you'll need an account here on How do you get an account? Send me an e-mail with subject "Journal Account Request" and I'll get back to you.

Obviously, if you are a friend or a familiar online presence, you will be cheerfully given an account. People I don't know personally should send me: full name, working e-mail address, personal website, how you found my page, and why you should be given an account. A photo helps, too. I like to "see" the people reading and leaving comments. Remember to use the subject "Journal Account Request". An e-mail address clearly tied to your personal web site is definitely a plus (e.g. you own "", and your e-mail address is ""). :)

My mom will be proud of me for setting up this system. She's always told me that I put way too much information online.

Should you not hear from me after requesting an account, shoot me another e-mail some time down the road. Maybe you'll be familiar enough to me by then. :) Unfortunately, I usually will not reply at all if I don't yet want to give you a new account. Don't take it personally. It's just a comfort thing on my part.

Registrations from unfamiliar e-mail addresses will be promptly deleted.

Wreathed in shadow,