Private entries

Private entries appear to work! However, I am going to have to disable RSS syndication for the time being, because the feed still dishes out private entries. I would very much like to modify my journal so that private entries are protected from RSS feeds. It would be nice also if I could somehow flag cloned Livejournal entries as "friends only" when entries are marked as private. Currently, private entries will simply not show up in Livejournal. So I still have some work to do.

Anyway, if you are reading this, thank you so much for your support over the years! These past few weeks have left a horrible taste in my mouth, and locking portions of my journal will make me much happier.

Please note: if you log in from a public terminal, PLEASE LOG OUT when you are done reading me. The log-in cookies currently expire in 24 hours. Is that too short? Too long?

Todo list:

1) Remove private entries from RSS feed

2) Add LJ "protected" support for entries marked private

3) Remove private entries from mobile phone version (not sure if the mobile version will ever support login)

Done, but very few mobile devices will be able to log in, so it seems the private entries will only be accessible by "real" browsers. Sorry, mobile folk! :)

4) fix admin so you all can't see anything if you find the URL :)

5) change image pages to support private entries