Bernal Heights

Wendy is moving to Bernal Heights in the Fall, so she'll be able to just walk up into Noe Valley to see me. Seeing as we already hang out three or four times a week, I wonder if I will be seeing her every day...? That would be interesting. :)

Speaking of Bernal Heights, Wendy and I noticed that it feels very much like its own self-contained little area, with a very distinct feel. It's hard to believe that it is literally right next to the Mission, which is completely different. Some things we noticed: The vast majority of people we saw out and about on the street were obese. I understand that this is probably a statistically valid observation since we live in the United States, but it was still bizarre to be hit over the head with it. Up in the hills, many neighborhood locals could aptly be described as "white trash." I hate to use those two words together, but it's really the best description I can come up with right now. We also saw quite a few very-stereotypical lesbian couples walking around. ANYWAY, so it seems like a very interesting neighborhood. People aren't boring and gentrified, like they are in my neighborhood. :) Cortland St. itself has lots of cute restaurants and coffee shops running along it, and we found a good ice cream/gelato place called "Maggie Mudd" that has wireless broadband. That was definitely very cool. :)

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