Star Wars Kid

This is SO FUNNY (forwarded to me by Adam Nash). It might not be funny to those of you who weren't alive yet when Star Wars was released in 1977, but for the rest of you:

Original link:

"Apparently some kid used a video camera at his school to record his Star Wars fighting skills, then failed to remove the cassette." [Watch the video]

"It didn't take long for the online community to remix it with full Star Wars special effects and lightsaber noises." [Watch the video]

--- unrelated ---

From Steve's Digicams:

"The first eclipse of 2003 will take place tomorrow night (Thursday May 15), it is a lunar eclipse and residents of the eastern half of N. America, Central and S. America will be able to see the entire eclipse, weather permitting. The partial eclipse begins 22:03 EDT, the total eclipse begins at 23:14 EDT and the whole show is over at 01:18 EDT on May 16. To see lots more info on this including a world map of visibility and the event times scheduled in seven different time zones - go to NASA's Eclipse page."

Those of you waiting in line to see The Matrix on Thurs can look up to check the eclipse out. :)

--- even more unrelated ---

This and this are why I have to photograph the marine world now, and not in 50 years.