Breeze Sys' Downloader Pro

Breeze Systems has released Downloader Pro 1.0, a complete re-write of its old (free) program Downloader. The new program has very versatile file-renaming capabilities, and can do things like auto-rotate jpegs from cameras with orientation sensors (e.g. Canon 10D). It also (finally!) can automatically tag downloaded images with color profiles dependent on the source camera. This makes me very happy. :)

I use Downloader Pro to automatically download and delete files off of camera media. It then auto-rotates, tags the images with color profiles (Adobe RGB 1998 for 1Ds and 10D, and sRGB for D60 and Optio S), creates date-named folders (...My Pictures%d), and renames images based on the date/time/imagenum (%d_%t_%r). I also turn on automation so when I launch the program, it automatically downloads, deletes, and launches BreezeBrowser. Like BreezeBrowser, it's worth every penny of its cost.