Trillian Pro

Multiple IM clients are a pain in the ass, which is why Trillian Pro is way cool. It works with all of the popular IM protocols, supports background images, reads RSS feeds, and tells me the weather.

<-- See? Here's what an IM window can look like. You can stick the person you're talking to in the background for a more personalized experience. :)

Hey! You know what's cool? Heidi Hau made finals in Dublin! Tiffany wrote me an e-mail today to tell me that. You can follow Heidi's progress online. (She played the same program at my place not long ago). I wish her the best of luck in the upcoming final round. Heidi and Gabe used to play chamber music together. I still find it strange that I never really got to know her before, even though she was around me all the time in the music department.

Man. It's getting late.

Back to work.