Your photo

I'm a pretty visual person, and I've certainly given this site far too many photos that include me and the people around me in them. What I'd really like is to see photos of the readership here! I was grateful for the comments you all left after the last solicitation. This is the logical next step, right?

Unfortunately, I cannot accept image uploads, so you'll have to post (as a comment) a link to a photo already hosted somewhere. Or, you can send me one and I'll post them for ya. :)

I'll add a separate locked entry for you "members" who don't want to have your mug linked publicly. :)

Tech note: you can use anchor tags in my comments section. For example, to link an image found at, you can write something like this:

     Here is <a href="">a picture of me</a>.

Do not try to inline an image tag. It will not work, unfortunately.