Wendy's Birthday Party

Wendy's birthday celebration was tonight, featuring dessert and champagne at their Oakland pad. Lilli brought fabulous homemade cheesecakes, Char whipped up chocolate fondue, and Rebecca baked an amazing chocolate cake.

And so we ate; the desserts were really good. My exceeding high alcohol tolerance led me to a nice buzz after only a few drops of champagne. We watched the BBC Blue Planet DVDs while socializing, and they were really the perfect thing to have in the background. So many bizarre things going on in the marine world. :) A nice mix of people attended: Berkeley geography grad students, a sprinkling of Stanford and Harvard folk from Wendy's past, and a few others. It was good to finally met Sarah Thomas (even though we didn't get to talk much), who was Wendy's sophomore year roommate at Harvard.

Unfortunately, my flash ran out of batteries during the evening... and I was stupid and left my camera set to a flash white-balance. Grrrrr. Many of the photos are obscenely red. Apologies in advance. :) [see some photos]