Chengs and Jeings

Mom and Dad are in town for Wendy's birthday, and for the wedding of a family friend's daughter's. We met at Chika for dinner with my cousin Tom and his family. Evan and Allison (the kids) were, as usual, a riot, and it was unbelievable how much food Evan consumed. He ate an entire bowl of steaming udon, a bunch of rolls, and part of his sister's zaru udon; his stomach was really hard and slightly round by the end of dinner (I grabbed it while I was restraining him at some point. I think he was trying to push/kick Allison into another kid who was at the restaurant).

After dinner, Evan and Allison were extremely hyper (Grace says it was from the sugar in the green tea ice cream. She was in good spirits despite being tired, being on call, and having two kids climbing all over her). They ran up and down the block of Irving between 9th and 10th, screaming like banshees. Like all 5 year olds, Evan likes to kick things, and Allison loves to play along with whatever Evan is doing. They are both wild and very cute. [see some photos]

Oh yeah! A story: Allison used to have cute long hair, often tied in pig tails. One day, Tom left the room to do something for a few minutes, and when he returned, Evan had cut Allison's hair with kitchen shears (!). That's why Allison's hair is short now. I can't believe she let him cut her hair! Wendy would never have let me. Although, I did spit gum into her hair once. My mom had to cut it out of her hair. :)