Coffee cups

I hate this time of day. It's too bright for lights to be effective inside, and yet it's too dark to work without them.

Why do I have 25 coffee mugs? I don't even drink coffee, except socially (heh). I only have 8 "normal" cups now because my mother and friends have broken a few of them in the last year or so (I insist on buying glasses with thin walls, for some reason. I think I may have to switch to plastic. :). I'd much rather have 25 normal cups and 8 coffee mugs. Anyone want to trade? :)

Actually, I think I will have to keep 10 mugs. Among the keepers: 3 Epiphany mugs, 4 E.piphany mugs (various phases of the company. note the ever-important '.'), 1 Trilogy mug, 1 mug, and 1 Stanford mug.