Peter and Karine

Peter and Karine are moving to New York on Thursday! So sad. :( Allon and I had dinner with the two of them at Palomino tonight, where we received the worst service ever. I don't know what was going on, but it took us two and a half hours to eat -- which was fine, since it was a farewell of sorts. But still, it was unfortunate to be nearly completely neglected by the waitress. A girl came up to our table (with her friend, for support) while we were eating and asked Allon (in an obvious pick-up sort of way), "you look familiar. have we met? is your name 'Mark?'" Allon stammered some fairly brusque responses (declining to continue the conversation) while Karine, Peter and I flashed toothy grins. He (of course) talks about his universally irresistable charm all the time, so it was good to finally see it working. It's too bad he wasn't interested in her. :)

Anyway, I'm going to miss both Peter and Karine. :( I have no idea what Allon is going to do, since he and Peter seem often to be joined at the hip. Rumor has it that he may move to New York as well, but we'll see. Allon is a huge wildcard; no one ever really knows what he will do. [see some photos]